We Are They

If you are like me you look around our great city and see things that aren’t quite right.

Homelessness, joblessness, kids going hungry, bullies, spousal abuse, racism, class warfare, human trafficking, the loss of civil dialogue & political polarization, and the list keeps going. Our tendency is to think ‘they’ should do something about that. ‘They’ could be the government, the church, the police, the city, the state, some non-profits… someone should do something.

Sure, there are some organizations who are trying to do something about all that stuff, but all of them are also short-handed, underfunded and can only do so much.

As Christians, we have a tendency to also say that ‘the church’ should do something about all those things as well. We say ‘they should do something, but they don’t.’ Some of us even take shots at the church because ‘they’ aren’t doing what they should do.

So… how does Jesus change this for us?

We Are They.

WE live in a great city. And WE see all of this stuff around us on a regular basis. As Christians WE are part of the church. And as Christians who live in this city, when we see needs and think ‘they’ should do something about it, WE are the they that we are speaking of. As the church of Jesus Christ we are joining God in the renewal of Austin and those who live here, and as the church, WE are they. WE are God’s plan for bringing renewal.

Where do we start?

Start where you live, work and play. Take a look around your neighborhood. What looks out of place? What would it look like to live as people of hospitality in your neighborhood? Maybe it starts with inviting a neighbor to dinner. Or helping tend a yard. Or having front yard conversations that can grow from there. What would it look like to be good news and bring good news to those around you?

This kind of renewal work is best done in community. If you don’t already have a local church family, we invite you to join us as we seek the renewal of Austin and beyond. Visit us on a Sunday morning or in one of our Community Groups. We would love to meet you.