Today is World Water Day, a day intended to highlight the lack of access to clean water around the world, and how we can respond. For a long time the solution has been to send people to those areas of need and to drill, baby, drill. We like to help. Really I think we do. But in the past, and still today, our helping could have been more helpful. That is what I love about two organizations who are working on being part of the solution, but not ‘the’ solution. They are both represented by highly skilled, passionate, collaborative people who long to work alongside local leaders seeking pathways to renewal, and then they commit themselves to empowering those leaders and their communities to be active participants (often taking the lead) for renewal in their communities.

One of the best tools for lifting people out of poverty is job creation. And one of the top ways to aid community, health and education renewal in the world is through providing access to clean water. Both these organizations are doing both. In the same project. Check ’em out’.

Help End Local Poverty

As a disclaimer, I am on a Board Member for HELP, so I am completely biased, but they do some of the best work I have seen in building true friendships with local partners in Haiti. We’ve had many meals, shared a lot of laughs, spent much time in prayer and some time in tears. We’ve pressed them, and they’ve each pressed us. It is my deep hope that our partnership is teaching all of us about Jesus more deeply and his renewal work in the world.

HELP is working with local partners in Haiti to develop ‘water communities’ that will create a water fund to pay for repairs to wells when they break or need servicing. Just like any mechanical tool, water pumps need maintenance and they do break.

Stateside, HELP is working with churches, organizations, families, clubs, etc to host Garage Sales for Orphans which help fund drilling new wells and repairing broken wells. On May 5th they are encouraging people across the country to turn their excess into justice.

Since we’ve grown to know our Haitian partners and their communities so well, it isn’t just a short-term service project for us. It is about friendships and the stories that come out of people respecting and mutually seeking one anothers renewal. Check out the HELP blog to read some of those stories and consider supporting their work.

The Adventure Project | Training Well Mechanics

Another disclaimer, while not in any formal role with The Adventure Project, I think they are absolutely awesome geniuses. So I am biased again.

Currently 1/3 of the water wells in India are broken. So for World Water Day (and the coming days) they are asking 186 bloggers (I am one of them) to raise $550 each to train 1 mechanic who will care for 50 wells that will keep water pumping for 5,000 people.

Total Goal: $102,300 to train 550 mechanics who will care for 9,300 wells that will keep water pumping for 930,000 people.

You see what they did there? They are providing access to clean water AND they are partnering to train mechanics for actual jobs that provide real value in their own communities. This is more than a double win. And it’s all sustainable for the long term. This is crazy awesome.

So, head over to my Adventure Project fund raising page and donate some of that extra cash you have. Don’t have extra cash? Skip a meal at a restaurant tonight and donate that.